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The Shogun Way


Shogun Designs represents integrity in design, manufacture and execution.

Each of our personally chosen screen prints have been sourced from the most reputable and talented artisanal textile suppliers within Japan.  Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, traditions and culture, Shogun Designs is now bringing these unique and vibrant textile screen prints to the UK for the first time.  These pieces are 100% Made in Japan, a country famous for its excellent quality, precision, attention to detail, perfection and love of beauty.  

Screen printing is an ancient technique which creates a uniquely beautiful multi-layered effect, combining texture, depth and colour.  These delicate and stunning pieces have been crafted and lovingly produced using uniquely Japanese printing techniques called ‘katazome’.  Katazome is a traditional stencil technique used to dye fabric and paper, even using edible indigenous Japanese products such as glutinous rice and persimmon juice!

Our current series includes 12 Japanese textile screen prints in three distinct categories: Icons, Legends and Festivals.  Each piece has been personally chosen, hand-designed and screen-printed onto high quality woven cotton.  Combining ancient techniques with modern technology, Shogun Design screen prints use contemporary traditional screen-printing stencil-templates, layering different colour upon different colour.  Kindly note these are not computer-generated, identikit digital printouts prevalent in the mass market.  Each have been created using the famous ancient katazome method giving a beautiful multi-layered refined finish, tonality and depth.

Subsequently in the UK, each textile screen print is pressed, stretched and laid out by hand onto an ink stamped solid backboard. With the Legends and Festivals range, the screen print is also dressed in a mount before being inserted to Shogun Designs’ individually iron brandished frames. Shogun Designs’ frames are deep, creating a 3-D effect and allowing each screenprint’s natural texture, colour and depth to take centre stage. A stamped description card is added to the rear of the frame.

100% Made in Japan but lovingly hand-finished in the UK!

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