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The Shogun Story


My passion for Japanese textiles, you could say, has been inherited to me through the Japanese line of my mother’s family.  My grandfather descended from the noble Aoki and Senzawa families, both famous for their long and proud histories in the fabrication, design and sales of Japanese fabrics, dating all the way back to the Edo period in Japan with strong connections to feudal Kyoto and Imperial Tokyo.  The Aoki family created unique pieces heralded by the Imperial family as national treasures due to their exquisite beauty and the immense artistic talent involved. My Senzawa ancestors were more renowned for their heritage in the traditional printing, dyeing, manufacture and retail businesses supplying hand-crafted silk kimono to the Imperial and noble classes.

Still today, my family continues to refine their craft, using ancient and modified modern techniques, creating and sharing their exquisite fabrics across Japan.  The Aoki family continue to dye and print on luxurious fabrics under the ‘Sarakatsu’ brand.  The Senzawa family create and provide magnificent silk kimonos for those still enchanted by the olden ways of Imperial Japan. 

My grandmother, with her son, still runs her kimono shop in the small town of Kofu where our family once had the largest and most prestigious factory, ‘Edoya’, for kimono dyeing before the war.  It was she who gave me my first screen print depicting a colourful flock of delicate Japanese cranes migrating for the winter.  I was intrigued by the craftsmanship and the ancient traditions ever present in the modern printing world, and still today remain in awe of the refined beauty of this piece with its elegant line drawing and essential harmony of colours. Inspired by my ancestors’ passion for the fabrication of Japanese textiles, eight generations later, I share my love and passion for this work and hope these pieces bring you as much joy, beauty and inspiration as they have for me. 


DOZO GOKANSHO-O KUDASAI MASE! Welcome and happy viewing!

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