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Japan is a country renowned for its love of beauty, design and aesthetics.  It has a long and rich tradition in creating high quality fabrics and textiles, ranging from the highly prized and intricate handcrafted kimono silks to more accessible everyday cottons.  Those who are familiar with Japanese perfectionism recognise that their level of quality and craftsmanship is hard to surpass. Their passion for precision and a love of the arts is woven into the very fabric of Japanese society and resonates in all aspects of life in Japan. 

Inspired by Japanese beauty, heritage, spirituality and culture, Shogun Designs has searched the country to source unique and vibrant textile screen prints, bringing them to the UK for the first time.  Screen printing is a technique which has been used for many generations and its process creates an effect which provides a unique texture, depth and colour.  These delicate and beautiful pieces have been crafted and lovingly produced, each item individually hand selected and sourced from the most reputable of artisanal suppliers in Japan.

Shogun Designs represents integrity in design, manufacture and execution.

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