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From world class museums to your home

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Whilst reading Luxedeco.com’s interiors trends for 2015 article, I came across the stunningly beautiful De Gournay Japanese & Korean wallpaper Collection. For anyone who enjoys interiors and home décor, it is definitely worth a thorough look - http://www.degournay.com/wf_japanese_korean.php. Each luxurious wallpaper design is exquisitely crafted and is a piece of art in its own right. It was pleasing to see how well such large expanses of Asian design seamlessly integrated into western homes and interiors.

The whole collection was a pleasure to view. Each design incorporated various Japanese motifs and indigenous elements such as the sprawling walls of an imperial castle, from the branches of a weeping willow to clusters of bamboo. However, it was the designs of budding plum blossoms and the swirling eddies of a flowing river, which really caught my attention.

Whilst browsing the Collection, a specific classic Japanese artwork came to mind by Ogata Korin and it became clear to me how the wallpaper designer was heavily influenced by the 17th century painter.

Korin has always been a favourite of mine and is considered one of the master Japanese painters of his generation and is world renown for his bold abstract and impressionist style. With his work exhibited at the top museums across the globe, from New York’s Metropolitan Museum to The British Museum in London, his acclaimed National Treasure two fold screens “Red and White Plum Blossoms” (above), which are exhibited at Museum of Art in Atami, Japan, are considered his finest work. Korin along with the likes of Hokusai and Hiroshige, to name a few, are well known to have inspired the subsequent French Impressionist movement and it is great to see that their influence lives on even further and is as far reaching as the more accessible world of western home décor and interiors. Beyond a change to a more contemporary colour palette and apart from a stripping down to a cleaner form to allow for the change of medium, it is both clear and pleasing to see that his influence still lives on. 

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