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Japan is a country renowned for its love of beauty, design and aesthetics. It has a long and rich tradition in creating high quality fabrics and textiles, ranging from the highly prized and intricate handcrafted kimono silks to more accessible everyday cottons. The level of craftsmanship is simply hard to surpass.

With a passion for precision and a love of the arts weaved into the very fabric of Japanese society, Shogun has hand selected and sourced unique and vibrant textile screen prints from artisanal suppliers across the country, bringing them to the UK for the first time.

Shogun Designs represents integrity in design, manufacture and execution.

Colourful and full of life - the perfect addition to our growing and eclectic collection reminding us of our travels.

Neil B, London


Shogun Designs' celebratory premium limited edition range showcases the colourful delights of the festivals which litter the annual Japanese calendar.

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The Legends range highlights well-known and much loved myths, fables and folklore which still has such resonance with Japanese society today.

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See the range of iconic, beautiful and globally recognised textile screen prints which caused such a stir amongst the great Impressionists.

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